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TURNKEY! We segment your employees, manage your campaigns, and answer your employees' questions so you can focus on your business
Shhhhhh! Our secret sauce is consumer data, claims data, and our HR contact center
  We can even take a healthcare population snapshot without claims data





We increase engagement in health benefit tools, programs, plans, and provisions through targeted campaigns which are launched throughout the year.  We believe continuous communications will help keep benefits front-and-center.   Say goodbye to the healthcare benefits being "out-of-sight and out-0f-mind" employee mindset.

If you're the kind of person that has ever said "wouldn't it be cool if I could help reduce healthcare costs if we got more people to use telehealth ?" Or, "wouldn't it be cool if I could help improve engagement if we got more employees to use our pricing transparency tool?" Or, "wouldn't it be cool if I could do X?" then we should talk.   BTW, you'll be happy to know that we have a stocked library with many fully thought out campaigns!


 Here's the rundown on what Coolifi is.

Coolifi is a turn-key service specifically designed to help employers (and/or their service providers) easily educate employees about their health benefits and available tools.  With Coolifi employees will get the right message at the right time.   Said another way, the days of ineffective one-size-fits-all messaging are over! 

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October 2018

As you read through our content go ahead and ask yourself "wouldn't it be cool if I could...?"  You'll be glad you did.




Coolifi can fit anywhere in the HR communications space.  Here are a few examples of how Coolifi can be used to boost healthcare benefit tool/plan feature utilization and improve benefits knowledge.

Improve Telehealth Utilization

Did you ever ask yourself "wouldn't it be cool if I could get more members to use our telehealth program?"   Imagine if you had the ability to easily send communication "X" to a list of employees that 1) Could benefit from telehealth and 2) Actually used the telehealth program since you delivered the right message at the right time.  Simply by reducing ER visits (the most expensive place for care) and using telehealth instead hundreds of dollars per transaction can be saved!   

Here's a sample Telehealth video that could be sent to your employees to help boost utilization.


We hope you enjoyed the video!  If you would like to learn how this video (or our other videos) could be sent to your employees please contact us today.

Increase Mail Order Use

Did you ever ask yourself "wouldn't it be cool if I could get more members to use our mail order pharmacy instead of buying medications at the pharmacy?"  Imagine if you had the ability to easily send communication "X" to a list of employees that really appreciated saving one co-payment (savings is plan-dependent) as well as not wasting precious time going to the pharmacy.  Simply increasing the mail order fill rate can also save the plan lots of money!

Improve Pricing Transparency Usage

Did you ever ask yourself "wouldn't it be cool if I could get more people engaged in our pricing transparency tool instead of overpaying for service "X" at provider "Y" instead of a more competitively priced provider?  Imagine if you had the ability to easily send a communication to a list of employees that truly appreciated the savings that were only possible through your transparency tool.  After all, employee savings also translates to employer savings!

So Many Ways to Use Coolifi

HR Communications are a breeze with Coolifi.  The Coolifi team will be happy to brainstorm with you where best to start based on your current challenges.  Let's explore together - please contact us today. 



Let's face it.  Targeted benefits communications is kinda new for most people.  We know you'll have plenty of questions.  Here are a few of the more common questions. 


Frequently asked questions

Is Coolifi HIPAA-compliant?

Yes. Keeping your claims data safe and secure is very important to us! To that end, we always sign a HIPAA BAA. Also, our server resides in AWS. You will also be happy to know each of our team members must sign a legal document as part of their employment.

How does our data get populated into Coolifi?

Great question! First, we provide you with our template. Second, we review and stage the data. Third, once data has been loaded we review this with you to ensure all of the data has been loaded accurately.

What type of data is required?

At a minimum we need Census data. Basic demographic data including name, address, age, and contact information is required. To provide optimal segmentation (and reporting) we also need Job data (business unit, job type, hire date, and union indicator) and Benefits data (plan, coverage tier). In our next release self-insured clients will be able to provide Medical and/or Claims data. While we can work with one year of data it's best to have at least 2 years. If your telehealth, price transparency and on-site clinic (among others) vendors have their respective utilization data we would love to integrate those data sources as well.

Does Coolifi come with communications content?

Coolifi comes with a libarary stocked with various types of benefit tool, provision, plan, and program (e.g. Type II Diabetes, Smoking Cessation) communication assets. To ensure relevancy each communication piece is written for 3 different generations - Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millenials. Our communication assets can be easily tailored to fit with your culture and the respective message your seeking to deliver.

Can we hire Coolifi to develop communications content?

Yes. We have alliance partners that can work with us to meet your exact needs. Our alliance partners can write compelling subject lines and copy, create eye-catching graphics, and produce cool videos.



Hello and nice to meet you!  The Coolifi team is comprised of HR data geeks with lots of wide and deep employee benefits experience.  Our team is passionate about leveraging enterprise human capital data including, but not limited to Census, Enrollment, Pharmacy Claims, Medical Claims, Worker's Compensation Claims and Disability Claims as well as utilization data from benefit tools, such as Telemedicine, On-site Clinic and Transparency. 

Why "Coolifi?"  Since all the obvious names were taken we had to put our creative hats on.  That's when we said "wouldn't it be cool If I could?" or "wouldn't be cool if I could?"  And then it hit us - Coolifi was born.

As you read through our content go ahead and ask yourself "wouldn't it be cool if I could...?"  You'll be glad you did.






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